We wanted to make it easy for everyone, with just a few rules. 
When you want to place an option you just need to check the availability with date and town. 
When confirmed we ask a final confirmation from the client with a 30% money deposit that can be processed by Wire Transfer, Credit Cards or Paypal. 
With the payment you grant the artistical skills of Joey Shaw and the Arcadia Mgmt Group for the dates and times as reported in the booking contract that we ask to sign before the 1st payment has been processed. 
After the shooting dates when a preview will be sent to the client we ask you the second payment of another 30%. Within the following 90 days we require the total amount due for the job. 
In case the clients want to pay 100% at the booking confirmation they can get a 20% discount and in case you pay the 70% at the preview date you can get a 10% discount. 
Booking confirmation must be received at least 15 days in advance of the shooting day. 
We don’t really have a price list because we have many factors to consider for a price.
Depending if Joey is already in the same town where the shooting has been requested, depending on the expenses we must advance both for Joey and for the pros working with him together with many and many other details. 

arcadia mgmt group