Milan Office and Studio

Due to the pandemic emergency, we decided to offer all our editorial and commercial services ONLY from our Milan Office. London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles and Miami, as well as Tokyo and Sydney will continue to operate but referring to the production timeline of our Milan office and our Turin Studio where Joey can daily be working.
Our production company is going, as always in the past, to take care of any aspect of the production side and we manage the international requests with our international shipping and handling experience coming from the last 25 years.
We were having a really hard time to organise and produce what we usually did like our daily routine. The Covid-19 restrictions in each country made our job really worst.
That’s the reason why we decided to concentrate any aspect of the production managed by the Milan office, having the Turin studio available 24/7 for all our international productions.
We transferred the operational jobs from London to Milan in just a weekend and within this week we know we can be ready to be fully operative like always.
Depending on the pandemic evolution, we believe that we’ll back to be fully functional at the London and mostly LA and NYC offices starting by spring 2021.

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