About us

We are a Management and Production agency  working in all the segments of the production process referring to the image industry, both for photography and video direction.

We exclusively represent and manage worldwide the creative talent of
the fashion and celebrity photographer Joey Shaw.

After more than 20 years working side by side with Joey Shaw in every single location in the world to shoot editorials, advertising campaigns and calendars, today as a production company, we have a very long list of clients worldwide for editorial and advertising requests, fitting any budget for any project that is pointing to the high-end quality.

We know how to deal with any budget and we only guarantee the best solutions.
Mostly in the last 6 years, when a lot of agencies were searching for whatever was cheaper,
we decided to focus only on a high quality level.

We work on location anywhere in this world keeping a real time connection with the client,
during the shootings.
The client can be on location following the shooting, and previewing every single shot or,
at the same time, the client can be anywhere in the world to enjoy the same service just
connecting to a private link where the images are uploaded in real time.

Both for editorial and commercial needs the client is going to have a selection of the best pictures coming from the photoshoot within a few hours.
If a photo retouch is requested by our pros in London, New York or Milan,
this timeline can be longer but never more than 72 hours.

Also, everyone of our clients is always connected real time with a private and password protected section on our servers
where they can better check and take control of every step of the production process together with their budgets.

Budgeting and scheduling always under control like never before in this business.

We are based in London, with operative studios in
Los Angeles and New York City,
with a great team of contributors in
Paris, Sydney, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Miami.

For any request you can have please feel free to get in touch with us.

Thank you

Public Relations Manager
Roberta Ferri